Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 6, Reason 6: Because IBS Sucks

I was diagnosed with IBS years ago, and the doctor's didn't seem to really have much of an answer for me in terms of treating it.  Eat more fiber, get more exercise, drink more water.  All pretty general solutions.  It took me a while to figure out what really makes a difference for me.

When I first tried a primal diet, it was a huge struggle.  But then, I started to feel better.  The more I ate clean, healthy, whole, unprocessed foods, the less grains I ate, the better I felt.  My stomach stopped cramping, I spent less time in locked in the bathroom in pain.  I discovered by adding foods back in what was giving me the most pain - gluten.  It was like a miracle to discover I could be free of the bloating and discomfort.

Exercise is a component of that as well.  The more regularly I work out, the better my body seems to process food.  The combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet made all the difference for me.  As soon as I go back to skipping workouts and eating poorly, all that digestive pain comes back full force.  I'd rather live without it, and I finally know there is a way to do that.

Day 6, Reason 6: Because healthy eating and exercise makes my tummy happy.

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