Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 19, Reason 19: It Gets My Day Going

Getting up at 6 am sucks for an insomniac night owl.  It suuuucks.

But, I have learned that if I push through, get going, and exercise first thing in the morning, the rest of the day goes much more smoothly.

I don't sleep well, and 6 am is painful for me.  But somehow, by the time I have gotten the kids on the bus and walked the dog, I am ready for a workout.  And I finish that workout and feel ready to start the day.  I get more stuff done.  I'm awake, I'm energized, and I no longer want to crawl back into bed.

After I work out I can sit down and get some writing done, and then I can get on with what ever else is planned for my day.  If I skip it, I continue to feel tired and lethargic.  It gets me moving, it gets me going.  I actually missed it during the summer when lazy mornings moved into lazy afternoons and I got nothing done.

I'm not a schedule-oriented person, but somehow having a schedule for excercise actually makes me feel better throughout the day.

Day 19, Reason 19: Because getting going moves the whole day.

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