Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day 20, Reason 20: Nobody wants to huff and puff up the stairs.

There's no quicker way to discover you are out of shape than to have to limb several flights of stairs in a hurry.  Aching legs, a little sweat, and the worst - the huffing and puffing - not fun for anyone.

I haven't had to climb a lot of stairs recently, but it's not a bad thing to be prepared for that day when you're at the doctor's office and you're late, and you push that elevator button and wait, and wait...and wait, and it's not coming and you decide you're going to have to climb those stairs.

And it's not just stairs, it's any time you find yourself having to hurry - walk quickly or, heaven forbid, run.  It's awful to be that out of shape person who is breathing hard while other people are just moving along like it's nothing.

You know how they say you don't have to outrun the bear, just the slowest person who is also running from the bear?  Well, if there's no one else around, you have to outrun the bear.  And it's not likely to happen that you're being chased by a bear...but don't you want to be ready?  Just sayin'.

Day 20, Reason 20: Because sometimes you gotta outrun the bear, and you don't want to be wheezing.

The 30 Days, 30 Reasons, No Scale Challenge!

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