Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 4, Reason 4: Two Boys Need One Strong Mother

Yesterday Nolan leaped down from three stairs up and into my arms.  I wasn't ready for him to do it, but I was able to catch him and hold him.  He does this a lot - we call it the Nolan Assault Hug.  Sometimes he runs at you, sometimes he leaps off of something.  Most of the time I can tell he's about to do it and brace myself - but even when I'm not ready he doesn't knock me over.  At least, he hasn't yet.

My boys love to be picked up and hugged, swing around and carried on shoulders and piggyback.  Those days are going to come to an end soon as the boys grow older and don't want mom to pick them up, but for now, they have no doubt that their mom has the strength to handle them.  For now, I can take a Nolan Assault Hug no problem, and I like it that way.

They see me lifting weights and know I am working on being stronger.  They have seen me split wood, move furniture, and pick up our 85-lb lab.  They have never once questioned my strength, or questioned whether I was strong enough to do something because I'm a woman.  And I want it to stay that way for as long as possible.

Handling two energetic, rambunctious boys who show affection with the same all-out approach that they take to every physical activity takes a lot of strength, and keeping up with them is one of the main reasons I need strength training.  They'll get too big, and the assault hugs will come to an end, but I hope it's simply because they've outgrown it and not because I can't handle it.  After all, a mom of boys has to take affection any way she can get it.

Day 4, Reason 4: To be strong enough to keep up with my little guys, even as they become bigger guys.  To show them where that strength comes from by letting them know exercise makes the difference.

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