Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 16, Reason 16: Fewer "Sick Days"

Anyone who is a mom knows there is no such thing as a sick day.  You can be sick, but that doesn't mean you can take the day off.  Because kids still need feeding, cajoling out of bed and out the door to school, lunches made.  The dishwasher still needs emptying and the laundry folding and the toilets scrubbing.  There's still homework to oversee, lessons to attend, dinner to make, bedtime to handle.  And then, once the kids are in bed, you get to clean up the kitchen from dinner and pick up the trail of random junk they have left all over the house.

So yeah, sick days, not so much.

As a mom, you pretty much have to have the plague to really get to lie in bed for a few hours, usually after you've gotten the kids ready for school and out the door.  And while you take that time to rest, mom shit ain't gettin' done.  Nope, it's all just right there waiting for you, because the laundry fairy is a myth and so are kids who clean up after themselves.

So yeah, sick days, when you do take them - not even worth it.

Which therefore brings me to another of the perks of eating right and exercise: fewer illnesses.  When I eat right, when I work out regularly, when I take good care of my body, I don't get sick as easily.  And that's important because my children are walking germs.

Day 16, Reason 16: Moms don't get sick days, so I'd best stay healthy.

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