Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thanks mom!

Motherhood. As far as I can tell it's all about working your butt off and being completely unappreciated for it. Cooking lovely healthy meals that your kids will refuse to eat, wiping their little rear ends a dozen times a day, making sure they have clean sheets, clean clothes, a clean face, and providing them with a warm and cozy bedroom so they can cry and fight every time you try to put them to bed.

I am engaged in madness of the last kind on this list right now. Preparing Nolan's big boy room, which will be themed after his favourite show, the Imagination Movers. With the help of my very dear friend Tracie I am going all out to make his room perfect. Multi-coloured gears to decorate the walls - which will be painted each in a different primary colour - new curtains, bedding, a dresser, even the cutest little couch. And who will appreciate this all the most? Well, not Nolan I suspect.

I am hoping and praying that the transition to big boy bed does not result in a whole lot of lost sleep - because let me tell you, I am so done with the sleep problems - but I am also hoping he is going to love this new room. While I know he won't come running to me and thank me for all the hard work and credit card bills that don't bear thinking about right now, I am hoping he will at least be happy. I have this fear he is just going to beg to go back to his old room.

Ah well, the paint awaits me. Let the unappreciated work begin.

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