Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Conversations with....Nolan (entry 1)

Welcome to my all-new spectacularly fun feature in which I share with you, my lucky readers, the confusing, hilarious, nonsensical and inexplicable conversations I have with my kids. Today's entry was a conversation enjoyed while the kids were having a bath.

Nolan: Is it dark inside my bum?
Me: (laughing) Um..yes I guess it is.
Nolan: Is it really dark?
Me: Yes.
Nolan: Is it dark like a cave?
Me: Yes, like a cave.
Nolan: Are there monsters in there?
Me: (tears flowing) Well, you could call what comes out of there a monster. Stinky poop monsters.
Nolan: (squealing with laughter) STINKY POOP MONSTERS!!!!!!!!

And now you are all forewarned that Nolan has a new poop reference, and yes, it's my fault.


  1. wait until you have to explain about tapeworms or bacteria living in the intestinal tract..that ought to be fun.