Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trying this again.

Ok. So it is time to make a decision and here it is: I will try to give more time and attention to this blog, whether or not anyone reads it (and thanks to everyone who does) because I feel like it's the only thing that I write for me. Work, well, that's words for pay and 90% of the time the topic is of no interest to me. Here I can write about what I want when I want. And there's the catch - it has to be about me, or why bother?

So, for starters I am going to commit to a weekly post and hopefully increase it to two. I am going to make a few changes though, around here. I am not going to hold back any opinions, and I am going to write whatever I feel like writing. My life mostly revolves around my kids, so you'll likely hear a fair bit about them. But I am not one-dimensional any more than anyone else, mother or not, is; so you will probably hear a fair bit about some of the other issues that are important to me as well. Sometimes, you might just hear about what I had for lunch. But I promise to make it as entertaining as I can in that case.

There will also be a new name coming soon for this blog. Since we are getting close to potty training Aaron, the name isn't going to make much sense anymore. So, I have some brainstorming to do for new ideas. Perhaps I will sing that Imagination Movers song and see what happens (if you don't know the song, you probably aren't a mom of young kids). At the very least Nolan and Aaron will be amused, maybe even sing along.

If you are ever offended, feel free to tell me so. I won't apologize for my thoughts or opinions or for expressing them, but rest assured none of it will ever be intended in a mean-spirited way or meant to hurt or offend anyone. I just have to be who I am. It's time.

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