Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh, right, the blog

No, I haven't forgotten you, imaginary readers. I am just not sure what I have to say. I am writing a lot, but for work, not for pleasure. But since writing is my dream job, work should be pleasure, right? So why is it just stressing me out? Probably because I am so far beyond tired I can't see straight right now, and writing "upbeat, fun" web content about the 80's is just not coming all that easily.

Yes, the big boy bed thing has taken a turn for the worse. Not sure if it's because he has a cold, or what. But I am hoping we are over this little bump in the road really, really soon. 4 hours of sleep just doesn't work for me these days. I am through with the sleep deprivation I lived with for two years plus. Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting this message across to Nolan.

All right my non-existent friends, I shall return to you soon and with better news and book progress, I promise. For now, I am only hoping for sleep.


  1. How dare you call me non-existent! lol

    Hope you get that sleep you sooo deserve. I would be in the looney bin by now!

  2. Heh - it's just funny feeling like you are talking to yourself! Bad sleep last night. BAD.